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Lone Star Parties is proud to introduce the patented Blaster 2000 Foam Cannon All-in-one Portable Foam Party System. This foam machine is everything you need for the ultimate foam party. The Blaster 2000 Foam Cannon uses state of the art technology to decrease power usage. Only pulling 5 AMPs, this foam cannon packs a lot of punch. You can run up to 3 of these on a single 15 AMP circuit. The foam cannon will shoot the foam 10' to 13' away from the set up. This allows the foam party operator to spray the foam on top of the participants using the provided handles and the 360 degree rotating base. The Blaster 2000 Foam Cannon will fill a 20' x 20' area in 5 to 8 minutes waist high. The foam that it produces is a thick foam that lasts long and builds up quickly. The Blaster 2000 Foam Cannon can also be hung or placed on any desired level surface. However, it comes with its own stand that rotates 360 degrees. That is right. The foam party operator can position himself/herself behind the foam cannon on top of its stand and use the handles to move the cannon in any direction. This really gets the foam party crowds going by getting them soaked with foam. Plus, this machine turns into a pour style foam machine that will pour the foam on top of your guests. Great for clubs and dance parties, this foam cannon is ideal because of its portability, storage, easy set up and break down, and massive output. Simply keep all the equipment in a water tight 96 gallon storage cart. Roll the cart to your desired foam party location. Empty its contents and in less than 5 minute you are ready for the best foam party.

foam cannon


*Store all your equipment (including the foam cannon, water pump, hose, and foam fluid) in one location with the storage tank.
*Easily transport your equipment with the heavy duty wheels. Simply lean the storage tank back and roll anywhere. You can even move it when there is a little foam fluid mix still left.
*Easy Set Up (Read our set up instructions below)
*Massive Output (Fills a 20' x 20' area in 5 to 8 minutes - Watch our video).
*Low foam concentrate usage (1/2 gallon of our foam fluid to 50 gallons of water).
*Easily Converts to a pour style foam machine. That's right. You are basically getting 2 machines in one with this Blaster 2000. Easily remove the foam cannon attachment and the Blaster 2000 pours out a massive amount of foam.
*Fill a 20' x 20' area in less than 5 minutes (in the pour style mode)
*360 degree rotation available for the foam cannon on top of its stand. Spray people with foam in any direction.
foam cannon *Locking pin to secure the foam cannon in a position. You can lock it in a variety of positions including 15, 30, 45, 90, 180, and 270 degrees.
*Durable stand and storage container holds over 300 lbs with wheels.
foam cannon *One trip set ups with everything in the storage tank.
*Can be hung from its handle
*Bright yellow color to stand out from the crowd.
*Blaster 2000 has an ON/OFF switch and a handle for easy moving.
*Drainage holes allow any excess foam fluid mix to return to storage tank. So you don't waste any product.
foam cannon

Simple Set Up

1. Flip open the lid to the storage tank and remove all the equipment
2. Begin to fill the tank with water. Place a hose in the fill hole on the side of the storage tank and turn your water on.
3. Put the foam flUid in the storage tank with the water and stir well.
4. Place the pump in the storage tank and run the plug and the hose through the whole in the side of the storage tank.
5. Place the Blaster 2000 Foam Cannon on top of the storage tank and on top of the turn table. Connect the hose from the pump using the quick connect. Secure the Blaster 2000 Foam Cannon with the straps provided or bungee cords.
6. Turn the Blaster 2000 Foam Cannon to ON and plug in the water pump.
7. Enjoy the foam party!!
8. Use the handles to move the foam cannon in any direction and spray the foam party crowd.

Includes:Blaster 2000 Foam Cannon / Foam Machine, Water Pump, 15' Hose with quick connects, 360 degree rotating base fastened to lid of storage tank, 96 gallon storage tank with wheels and handle, Foam cannon attachment


Includes:Blaster 2000 Foam Cannon / Foam Machine, Water Pump, 15' Hose with quick connects, 360 degree rotating base fastened to lid of storage tank, 96 gallon storage tank with wheels and handle, Foam cannon attachment

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15 x 15 FOAM PIT, FOAM MACHINE, 2 HOURS OF FOAM $395 *Delivery Charges may be applied if outside of The Woodlands


The newest and best foam machine on the market. Produces over 20,000 cubic feet of foam!

$2000 purchase, $450 for rent

This machine is designed for club use. It produces twice the foam of the Blaster Foam Machine. Best if hung but a stand is available to purchase. Great for permanent installs. Fills a 30 x 30 area. in 5 minutes

$1550 to buy(includes shipping in 48 states), $300 to rent

All of our rentals include 2 hours of foam fluid and a stand. Both machines can be hung. Fills a 20 x 20 area in 5 to 8 minutes.

$700 purchase, $200 local rental, $400 nationwide rental

Our newest machine is perfect for all foam parties. Just like a Panda, it may seem gentle and small, but it packs a punch. It can be hung from anything with good support. Purchase includes pump. Most popular rental. Nationwide rentals include 2 hours of foam.
$140 - 5 Gallons *ONLINE SPECIAL ONLY*
$45 plus shipping - 1 Gallon

Our foam fluid is a GREEN product; biodegradeable, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and completely safe for children, pets, adults, and anything else. It is 1% so 1 gallon mixes with 100 gallons of water. Guarenteed to work in all known foam machines world wide. 5 Gallons of foam fluid will last 7 - 9 hours in the Blaster Foam Machine!


NEW! $300 for 2 balls and our 20 x 20 inflatable pool and attendant (2 hours of service). Roll on top of water. Walk on any water surface. This ball is completely enclosed so you will not get wet. Climb on in, we zip you up, and roll you onto the water. You can control the ball with your arms and legs. Great Fun! NEW! $200 for 2 Zorb Balls for 5 hours of play. Zorb balls are the latest craze! Up to 2 people can climb inside this 10' ball. Feet and arms are strapped in so each rider stays on their side. The zorb ball is then pushed down a hill or ramp and the screaming and excitement commences. Or simply climb in and walk or run inside the ball to get it rolling. Great fun for all ages!
NEW! $150 for one ball. This is the funnest ball ever! This is a zorb ball with only one hole. Water is placed inside the hydro ball and riders climb in. The riders then slide along the bottom of the 10' ball with the water as the ball rolls. It is like a water slide in a ball. Or simply climb in and run or walk to get the ball rolling. This ball can go on top of water as well. $200 For Large Rental, $150 for Small Rental

Have artificial snow at your event. Large machine covers 30' x 30' area and small machine covers 20' x 20' area. Easy to set up and use. Controlled by remote control. Bring the fun of snow to your event.





States we service: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Lone Star Parties provides some of the biggest and most exclusive foam parties for bars, clubs, and private events all across the United States. Servicing hundreds of events per year, Lone Star Parties is one of the leading companies providing foam machines, foam generators and foam cannons, providing foam party services to private and public events. We supply a range of foam services including some great twists to a standard foam party, including coloured foam, uv foam and fragranced foam. We can combine any foam service to make your event unique. Book your party now!!

Houston Texas foam machines, The Woodlands margarita machines, foam machines, snow cone machines, bubble blowers, foamers, foam party, slushie machine, and more are right here. We can do it all: margarita machines, foam parties, Kids' Parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Quincineras, foam parties. Call to speak with an Event Planner about how we can help make your event a huge success.
Rent a foam machine for your foam party now. Have a foam party today!! Slushie machine, raspa machines, snow cone machines are our specialty. Looking for foam machines, foam pits, bubble blower, bubble machine, or bartender? Look no further. Our foam parties are the best with our foam machine and foam fluid. Our top of the line margarita machines freeze quick and stay frozen. Don't pay too much for a margarita machine. My margarita machine is the cheapest. Mix, salt, cups, and straws are all included with DELIVERY. Rent a margarita machine today.

LONE STAR PARTIES sells Foam Machines, Foam Fluid, Foam Pits, Margarita Mix, Daiquiri machines, and frozen beverage drink machines. Our Foam Fluid, a.k.a. Foam Juice, is the best on the market. You cannot beat our prices.

LONE STAR PARTIES sells margarita machines, bubble blowers, snow cone machines, and foam fluid. Let's party today! Foam Party Now!! Foam Party Today!!

We service all of Houston, The Woodlands, Conroe, Magnolia, Kingwood, Cypress, Katy, Spring, Montgomery, and the rest of Houston. We rent most products NATIONWIDE!


Cities we provide Foam and Snow Service: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Detroit, San Francisco, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Austin, Columbus, Fort Worth, Charlotte, Memphis, Boston, Baltimore, El Paso, Seattle, Denver, Nashville, Milwaukee, Washington, Las Vegas, Louisville, Portland, Oklahoma City, Tucson, Atlanta, Albuquerque, Kansas City, Fresno, Mesa, Sacramento, Long Beach, Omaha, Virginia Beach, Miami, Cleveland, Oakland, Raleigh, Colorado Springs, Tulsa, Minneapolis, Arlington, Honolulu, Wichita, St. Louis, New Orleans, Tampa, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Cincinnati, Bakersfield, Aurora, Toledo, Pittsburgh, Riverside, Lexington, Stockton, Corpus Christi, Anchorage, Saint Paul, Newark, Plano, Buffalo, Henderson, Fort Wayne, Greensboro, Lincoln, Glendale, Chandler, St. Petersburg, Jersey City, Scottsdale, Orlando, Madison, Norfolk, Birmingham, Winston-Salem, Durham, Laredo, Lubbock, Baton Rouge, North Las Vegas, Chula Vista, Chesapeake, Gilbert, Garland, Reno, Arlington, Irvine, Rochester, Akron, Boise, Irving, Fremont, Richmond, Spokane, Modesto, Montgomery, Yonkers, Des Moines, Tacoma, Shreveport, San Fernardino, Fayetteville, Glendale, Augusta, Grand Rapids, Huntington Beach, Mobile, Newport News, Little Rock, Moreno Valley, Columbus, Amarillo, Fontana, Oxnard, Knoxville, Fort Lauderdale, Salt Lake City, Worcester, Huntsville, Tempe, Brownsville, Jackson, Overland Park, Aurora, Oceanside, Tallahassee, Providence, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Chattanooga, Santa Clarita, Garden Grove, Vancouver, Grand Prairie, Peoria, Sioux Falls, Springfield, Santa Rosa, Rockford, Springfield, Salem, Port St. Lucie, Cape Coral, Dayton, Eugene, Pomona, Corona, Alexandria, Joliet, Pembroke Pines, Paterson, Pasadena, Lancaster, Hayward, Salinas, Hampton, Palmdale, Pasadena, Naperville, Kansas City, Hollywood, Lakewood, Torrance, Escondido, Fort Collins, Syracuse, Bridgeport, Orange, Cary, Elk Grove, Savannah, Sunnyvale, Warren, Mesquite, Fullerton, McAllen, Columbia, Carrollton, Cedar Rapids, McKinney, Sterling Heights, Bellevue, Coral Springs, Waco, Elizabeth, West Valley City, Clarksville, Topeka, Hartford, Thousand Oaks, New Haven, Denton, Concord, Visalia, Olathe, El Monte, Independence, Stamford, Simi Valley, Provo, Killeen, Springfield, Thornton, Abilene, Gainesville, Evansville, Roseville, Charleston, Peoria, Athens, Lafayette, Vallejo, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Inglewood, Santa Clara, Flint, Victorville, Costa Mesa, Beaumont, Miami Gardens, Manchester, Westminster, Miramar, Norman, Cambridge, Midland, Arvada, Allentown, Elgin, Waterbury, Downey, Clearwater, Billings, West Covina, Round Rock, Murfreesboro, Lewisville, West Jordan, Pueblo, San Buenaventura, Lowell, South Bend, Fairfield, Erie, Rochester, High Point, Richardson, Richmond, Burbank, Berkeley, Pompano Beach, Norwalk, Frisco, Columbia, Gresham, Daly City, Green Bay, Wilmington, Davenport, Wichita Falls, Antioch, Palm Bay, Odessa, Centennial, Boulder, Kingwood, Katy, LaPorte, Baytown, Cypress, Magnolia, Conroe, Willis, Huntsville, Pearland, Grove, The Woodlands, Spring, Oak Ridge, Montgomery

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FOAM PARTY SERVICES    Different Foam Party Packages to choose from:All ages, 18+, or 21+ Clubs and nightclub Foam Parties Birthday Foam Parties - Fun for all ages! Private and special occasion Parties Raves Foam Party Concerts and all type of dances Foam Parties for High School Dances and College Sorority and Fraternaty Sorority Parties Fundraisers Conventions, Promotions, Beach Foam Parties for the beach cities Backyard Foam Parties Spring Break Foam Party Corporate and company events Various sizes of Foam Party machine for sales Start your own Foam Party with our Foam Party supplies Foam Machine rentals nationwide (anywhere in the USA) and overseas.

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It is foam party time. Foam machines for foam parties, vacation bible school, or summer camp in Austin, Dallas, Louisiana, Houston, The Woodlands, Kingwood, and all other cities and states are fabulously fun entertainment. Lone Star Parties, LLC Star-Lite Foam Fluid is the best foam concentrate for all foam machines. San Antonio Texas loves foam machines for college fraternities. Our foam machines are perfect for all ages and all schools. Fraternities love our foam machines because they are hot. Foam fluid and foam concentrate is hot. Austin Texas and Dallas Texas are cities that love foam parties. Houston texas is hot for foam machines and foam parties. Buy a foam machine for your company and expand your business today. Spring foam fluid specials for sale are common. Foam fluid is the best concentrate on the market. Foam fluid mixes 1%. Foam fluid is non-toxic, biodegradeable, hypo-allergenic. Foam fluid works best with all foam machines including the Blaster Foam Machine. Foam parties are the hottest new thing for all ages. Considering buying a foam machine? Why not? You can rent it or use if for your nightclub or fraternity all the time. "Who would buy a foam machine?" Summer camps buy foam machines. Nightclubs buy foam machines. Fraternities buy foam machines. Colleges buy foam machines. Moms buy foam machines. Dads buy foam machines for their little foam parties. Moonwalk and Bouncer businesses buy foam machines. Blowup companies buy foam machines. There's a lifetime manufacturer's defect warranty. Snow machines are producing more snow than any artificial snow machine with ice and snow. What is a foam party? A foam party is a special event that many college fraternity, fraternities, sorority, or sororities throw. Foam parties are also popular for night clubs, bars, shows, events, and country clubs. Many kids like foam for their birthday party or bar mitzvah or camp day. Church groups throw foam parties. Youth camps have foam machine parties. Schools rent foam machine out all the time. Austin, Texas foam machine rentals are famous for all ages. The Woodlands, TX is known to rent foam machine. Houston, Texas foam machine sales are our specialty. Houston TX is a foam pit area. Houston texas bar foam party is popular. Houston, Texas margarita machine rentals are great. Foam fluid sale and clearance is here at Lone Star Parties, LLC often. Houston is known to buy foam machine. Dallas, texas is a hot spot for a foam party. Dallas, Texas foam machine parties are all over. Fort Worth foam machine rentals are everywhere. Metroplex foam machine for rent or for sale is what Lone Star Parties, LLC offers. Dallas, TX foam party is coming up. We will be having a foam machine for sale in Dallas. Houston always has sales on foam machines. Austin, Texas is the live foam party capital of the world. Foam parties in Austin, TX are our specialty. Selling foam machines and buying foam machines in Austin is what I am looking for. San Marcos is a popular college foam party place. Georgetown is also a popular college foam party site. Houston has lots of colleges for foam parties. San Antonio, TX is known for crazy club foam events. Snow machine or foam machine rentals in San Antonio, Texas are famous. Louisiana is a popular state for foam parties. We bring the foam machine and foam parties to you in Louisiana and Oklahoma. Lone Star Parties, LLLC will bring any party machine to you. Our Blaster Foam Machine is the best foam machine value in the world. You cannot beat the output or the price. You are guaranteed to buy a quality foam machine. The foam industry is growing and we supply foam fluid to companies. New Orleans is the Mardi Gras capital. New Orleans and Mardi Gras are great reasons to rent a foam machine. Mardi Gras is a great reason to rent a margarita machine as well. California is known for foam parties, because Lone Star Parties supplies foam fluid to the foam companies. Sacramento, CA is a great place for a foam special event. Los Angeles is the City of Foam Angels. Foam machines for sale in Los Angeles thru our website. Los Angeles foam party will be at our home. California foam events are great for all ages. Teens love our foam machine rentals. Teens love to buy foam machine for birthday. College students like foam parties as well. Foam blowers are what some people call foam machines. Foam blasters are another name for foam machine. We also sell foam machines to all areas of the nation and worldwide. This is so you can buy a powerful foam machine from Lone Star Parties, LLC. Lone Star also buys, makes, and sells foam fluid. Some people call foam fluid foam concentrate or foam soap. Other people call foam machines soap machines or large bubble machine. San Antonio, Texas foam parties are popular from Lone Star Parties, LLC with our infamous Blaster Foam Machine. Foam is the best thing for events, birthdays, holidays, graduations and more. Foam is not the only thing we do. The Woodlands, Texas margarita machine rentals and rent margarita machines in Conroe, TX are our specialty. Frozen drink machines freeze margaritas and daiquiris quickly and make them super tasty. Our margarita mix is wonderful and top of the line. Bubble blowers are known to make any event fun. Halloween bubbles are fun. Halloween foam party is very common. New Year�s is famous for crazy foam party and wild foam machine fun. People also drink margaritas on New Year�s Eve. Since there is no snow in Texas, renting a snow machine is a terrific ideas. MLK day is popular for kids events for foam machine purchases and rentals. Valentine�s Day is a lover�s day and nothing gets the loving going like a foam machine or the Blaster Foam Machine from Lone Star Parties, LLC. Spring break foam parties in Texas are hot. Spring break foam party is going down this year. The foam machines get booked a lot during Spring Break so be sure to reserve early. Panama City Spring break is known to throw foam parties. Miami spring break always has foam. South Padre spring break brings the foam party to the students. Teens in Mexico and in Cancun also have foam parties to get the loving flowing. Easter is a great time for a church to have a foam party or a youth group to rent foam machines. Churches also enjoy cold snow cones or sno cones. Bubble blowers make kids happy during Easter. Snow machines are a wonderful treat too. Memorial day is great for remembering those that gave to our country and honor them with a sno cone, foam party, margarita machine, or bubble blower. Everyone loves frozen drinks from our margarita machines. July 4th is a time to get the family together for a foam pit party. What is a foam pit? A foam pit is an inflatable pit that holds the foam inside. Foam pits come in a variety of sizes. Foam pits are the best thing to keep the foam close by or if the foam is blowing in the wind. Cookouts, picnics, and foam parties are all popular things for July fourth. School starts in August and some schools love to have foam parties for their students. A foam machine rental for a school is awesome. School foam party is our thing. High school foam parties are really cool. Renting a foam party for school is neat. Labor Day is a day not to work, but to lather in foam. Halloween is popular for margarita machines and foam parties. Thanksgiving is good to get a bubble machine. Snow machine rental for Thanksgiving is also evident. Snow machines produce artificial snow. Snow machines make the winter come to the summer. Bubble machines throw bubbles up in the air. Christmas is good for snow machines. Some people even throw foam parties in Christmas. Moonwalk company foam machine purchases are becoming popular. Moonwalk company opportunities are turning into foam company opportunities. Moonwalk company to buy a foam machine to increase their business. Moonwalk companies like foam machines so they can offer birthday parties to their clients. Moonwalks are similar to foam pits. Moonwalks are heavy, but foam machines are not. Moonwalk companies nationwide should contact Lone Star Parties, LLC to buy a foam machine. Snow machines are awesome. Our snow fluid is dry and shoots far. Snow machines for all types of events are great to rent or buy.

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